With PrivateDesk you can create multiple virtual desktops, set a custom background for each of them, password protect the desktops you want, and set up hotkeys so you can efficiently switch to the desktop you want. You can very easily do all these things from the application’s simple interface.

PrivateDesk can be installed on a PC powered by Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, or 2000. There’s nothing complicated about the installation process: download an executable (little under 3MB in size), run it, and then follow the instructions presented by a setup wizard.

Click the PrivateDesk icon in the system tray and you will be presented with a context menu that allows you to switch between desktops, access the Settings menu, access the Help and About Menu, and close the application.

From the aforementioned Settings menu you can create multiple virtual desktops. From the same menu you can set custom wallpapers for each desktop, assign hotkeys to the desktops, and set a password on the desktop of your choice.

This scenario comes to mind when thinking about PrivateDesk’s functionality. You're at work, searching the web for an anniversary present for your wife. If your boss walks in, it’s best to make it look like you're working hard. With PrivateDesk you have multiple desktops at your disposal. So open your work applications on one desktop, and your browser on another. If your boss walks in, switch from your “searching for a present” desktop to your “let’s make it look like I’m working” one. You can easily and quickly do so using a hotkey.

The trial version is limited to 20 uses.

With PrivateDesk you can create multiple virtual desktops, customize them, protect them, and very easily switch from one desktop to another.

Virtual Desktops feature is tremendously useful and handy.

For example, let's say that you use your computer to surf the Web, correspond via e-mail, listen to PM3s, write reports, edit and print digital photographs, create and edit Web pages, and so forth. You can set up a virtual desktop for each one of these activities. Then as you move from one activity to another, you merely have to move from one virtual desktop to another -- no need to minimize, restore, and maximize programs.

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